Expoxy Flooring

From trouble-free maintenance to renovating the existing floor, epoxy coatings offer several incredible benefits. Epoxy flooring systems are responsible for eliminating cracks or flaws on the floor. In addition, epoxy comes in various styles and textures to match your aesthetic needs. This allows you to choose a custom color, pattern, and design to create your desired space. Flooring experts can guide you through the process and help you select the type of coating that best serves you.

Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen floors should have an excellent thermal shock value. That means the floor should be able to withstand sudden temperature changes. With its higher compressive strength, epoxy offers high resistance to scratches and impacts. Moreover, epoxy floors can also resist chemicals and heat. Despite having a glossy surface, epoxy floors are entirely slip-resistant. Thus, preventing the risk of slips and falls.

Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

The production area for manufacturing epoxy flooring should be clean and dust-free to ensure a neat finish. The work area requires a grind and seal flooring system to prevent dust particles from sticking onto the finished product. Chemical resistance and local ordinance requirements for color coding are followed during the production of epoxy coating systems. These factors combine to make epoxy a highly durable and cost-effective alternative to other flooring systems.

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

The warehouse and fulfillment industries require carefully installed flooring systems. Epoxy provides significant light reflectivity and improves the aesthetic appearance of the workspace. Epoxy floor coating effectively hides any splits or patches and spruces up the look of your space. Even though epoxy coating itself is resistant to slips, an aluminum oxide additive is added to create an excellent slip coefficient.

Durability Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring systems are matchless in their strength and durability. Epoxy is 2-3 times stronger than concrete. Once installed, epoxy floors last for several years without requiring much effort on your part. Regular brooming, mopping, and occasional auto floor scrubbing can go a long way in increasing the life of your epoxy floor

Epoxy Slurry System

Epoxy flooring comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles. In areas with heavy traffic, several layers of epoxy coating can help protect the floor from damage caused by everyday wear and tear. Sometimes, a slurry is applied instead of thicker layers of epoxy to create a highly resistant and durable surface. Another plus about epoxy flooring systems is that even after years of use, you just have to apply a topcoat to make your epoxy floors look as good as new. Contact Eastern Concrete Coatings for a free estimate today!