Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Provides Value For Money

Spalled, uneven areas, cracks, and joint fillings are some of the common concerns associated with warehouse floors. Our experienced team of contractors at Eastern Concrete Coatings LLC eliminates all of these concerns. Top-notch companies also provide concrete resurfacing services along with epoxy floor installation. A well-finished and leveled floor is crucial for warehouses as it requires minimal forklift repairs and reduces the tipping of loads. The epoxy coating system offers several benefits in addition to masking the imperfections that your warehouse floor may have.

Warehouse Floor Coating In NJ

We provide services in several areas in New Jersey. Whether you are looking to clean up your floor, require nonslip floor coating, or want to give your warehouse a brand-new appearance, we have your back. Our professionals are capable of completing any kind of project quickly and efficiently.

Customer Driven Goals

For clients that require a floor coating with nonslip qualities, we add aluminum oxide additive to their topcoat. Aluminum oxide is a hard mineral that offers maximum anti-slip protection when combined with epoxy coating. In addition, it enhances the durability and strength of the epoxy floor coating. We provide you with a neat and clean-looking floor that protects your working space for years to come.
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